Define Your Eyelashes

In beauty trends right now it is all about the Eyes or to be more specific the Eyelashes!

I have had experience getting false eye lashes put on twice in most recent years, both when I was a bridesmaid in weddings. Let me just say, I don’t know about most other women who are moms – taking the time to sit and be still for 1.5- 2 hours in not feasible in my everyday life to have eyelash extensions applied and then touched up every 2 months or so. Not to mention the cost…upwards of $1,000.00 over the span of one year.

Not to mention the fact that you are applying the synthetic, silk or mink eyelashes to your natural eyelashes with GLUE, seriously?!?!. For me, the weight of that glue and eyelashes are not my most favorite things in the world.

So, when Rodan + Fields launched their latest product innovation at our 2016 convention, I was a skeptic…because this is a SKIN Care Company – why are they focusing on lashes? But once again, these Innovative, Smart and Savvy doctors are thinking ahead and only providing their consultants (product sharers) with products that will provide visible results and ultimately help to improve your self esteem without being fake/false or TIME consuming.

I love how much time that I save before I head out in the morning not having to go through an entire routine of covering up my lashes with Mascara to make them appear longer, darker or fuller. My personal experience also allows me to add stronger to that list. Before using Lash Boost, my eyelashes were becoming more brittle and often would fall out, so again, let us Thank Dr. Katie Rodan + Dr. Kathy Fields for providing us such innovation, results oriented products!

Now, I would like to you to say hello to my new nightly friend that I spend 90 seconds with (30 of which is applying the serum). That is right, I said 90 seconds total! Add that up over the recommended length of 8 weeks use and you will have spent a WHOPPING 12 minutes on your lashes. At under $150.00 for one 8 week supply of Lash Boost….you can’t really compare false eyelashes to your own.

“Get lush, longer-looking lashes in as little as four weeks with ENHANCEMENTS Lash Boost™.* This nightly eyelash-conditioning serum features a unique proprietary formula that improves the appearance of lash volume and length for lashes that are 100% real, 100% yours. In weeks, you’ll be wondering if you need mascara at all. (5mL/0.17 US fl. oz.). *For best results, use Lash Boost for 8 weeks.”

Take a look at my before/after result!

Danielle Lash Boost Results
Danielle Oswald, Consultant
Lash Boost Results – 16 weeks
Before – August 18, 2013
After – September 17, 2017

Ready to try Lash Boost – risk free…then let’s get you started.