Let us help with your Organizations Fundraising Efforts…

Whether it is a PTA, Education Foundation, Non-Profit Support, Community-Based Non-Profit or Sports Organization, Danielle Oswald can help raise funds.

We are offering 12 fundraising spots per year.  Choose the month you’d like to hold your fundraiser. Product Sales from the 1st – 15th of that month – 5%+ will be donated to your organization.  Check out our events calendar to claim your spot. 

How it works?

Simple, contact Danielle, pick dates of your Fundraiser and provide a logo, Danielle will create an electronic flyer for you to spread the word and share on Social Media.   Should your organization require hard copy flyers, we can arrange.

Are there fees to setup?


How do we get our money?

You will receive a check within 30 days of the last day of your fundraiser.

Is there a maximum to how much we can raise?

No, fundraising total is based on a percentage of the product sales during the defined period of time chosen by your organization.

Help your supporters get the best skin of their lives and they will be helping your organization earn money.

Past Fundrsisers have provided the following organizations with additional funds:

Garden State Concerns of Police Survivors ( – $100.00

South River Foundation for Educational Excellence ( – $100.00

South River Special Education PTA ( – $150.00

Below is an example of one of our flyers:

mtgsa fundraiser flyer
MTGSA Scholarship Fundraiser