Thank You to the South River Recreation Department

As the 2017 Summer Recreation Program provided by the South River Recreation Department came to a close this past Friday 8/11/17 – I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You.

Thank You to Kisha Thomas, Sharon Edwards, Mr. Clays & all of the student counselors who do their very best to take care of our kids.

In 2015, my son broke his arm while at rec and had a VERY bad break, his arm was in the shape of the letter ‘S’. After he got a cast put on, he shared that he wanted to go back but, as expected was very nervous about going back and wanted his Mom to be there for the first day back. As an work at home entrepreneur, as long as I have wifi and my laptop, I can pretty much work anywhere.

So, you guessed it, the day my son went back to summer rec, I was there with him, off to the side observing him getting back into the groove of having fun with his friends.

During my time there, I had the privilege to observe just how organized this program was and how all of the children were looked after, now mind you, this is NOT a one-on-one summer camp. But, all children must be accompanied by a counselor when they go to the playground or the track/football field.

There was a structure to the time the children spent at rec, so this was very nice for me to witness in person. And as parent, it gave me just a bit more comfort to see how much our kids are cared for. So, Thank You to Kisha Thomas & the recreation department staff & counselors, this Mom appreciates the quiet time I have in the mornings during the summer to work while my children are having fun with their friends. Quiet time for this mom = a very loud never ending 3 hours for the staff & counselors.

This time for work in the morning provides me with my afternoons free to enjoy the summer with my children.  

I am also grateful that each year, improvements are made to this program as well. As a result of the incident with my son breaking his arm outside….the recreation department has acquired walkie talkies as a way for them to immediately be in touch with the ‘front desk’ if/when something were to happen outside.

Thank you,

Danielle Oswald