Good Morning Falcons, my name is Danielle Oswald of Rodan + Fields in the Skin Care – Cosmetics Category for our group.  

I decided to begin to address some of the questions I received from my fellow members.  Thank you Vera for coordinating that effort. So, the question I will tackle today is:

Why do soaps have exfoliants?

Exfoliants provide an invaluable service to those that use products with this incredible ingredient.  Exfoliation – which is to remove old skin cells, revealing newer skin underneath.

Exfoliating helps with cell turnover, the natural shedding of dead skin cells that slows down as we age.  If these cells accumulate, skin can feel rough and look dull. Exfoliation helps remove some of that debris, so skin is smoother and reflects light more evenly.  

I’m looking for a 42 year old office manager in Monroe, NJ who is looking to take better care of their skin.  

Danielle Oswald, Rodan + Fields, simply life-changing SKINCARE



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