Perspective on Expensive

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (, I’d like to share a few definitions with you and keep in mind while you ready about my Tale of Two Shoes. 

Cost:  the amount or equivalent paid or charged for something.

Price: the amount of money given or set as consideration for the sale of a specified thing.

Value: the monetary worth of something.

Worth: having monetary or material value (archaic).

Cheap: charging or obtainable at a low price.

Expensive: characterized by high prices.

Just bear with me here.  So, as you may or may not know I am part of a business networking group and one of my colleagues said during one of our meetings the following phrase and it kind of stuck with me.  What is that phrase you ask: “Cheap is Expensive”.  It is not commonly used in the United States, but it essentially boils down to You Get What You Pay For.

A Tale of Two Shoes – Oh Ballet Flats!

2017 – Ballet Flats | 2016 – Ballet Flats

They may look the same….but they are very different.  It does matter the way the shoe is made.

The pair on the right were very comfortable when I first purchased them for relatively inexpensive ($49.99).   As you can see they didn’t fair very well.  I’ve worn these all day everyday for all spring/summer in 2016.  You can see how worn the sides are.  At this rate of depreciation of the shoes, chances are, I will have to replace these on a yearly basis.  so after 3 years I would have spent nearly $150.00.

In 2017 – I decided to treat myself to obtain a pair of more expensive ballet flats ($175.00).  The pair on the left were worn walking around with my kids on Halloween for hours & walking around the Bronx Zoo for an entire day, not to mention these shoes were worn all spring/summer of 2017.  Look how beautiful they still look!

Would you rather pay a more for a product that would last much longer than a less expensive similar product?  As I have grown in experience in life, it is sometimes more cost effective to purchase the more expensive item because they last longer.

This is not just limited to footwear…life-changing SKINCARE isn’t cheap and cheap skincare is not life-changing.  When you are ready to use products that may have a bit more higher price tag, but are results oriented and last longer, then I ask you to start here and find out which products are right for you: